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If there is a silver lining in this crisis, it may be that the virus is forcing us to use the internet as it was always meant to be used — to connect with one another, share information and resources, and come up with collective solutions to urgent problems.
- The New York Times


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Colleen McCreary


Chief People Officer, Credit Karma


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President, Consumer & Commercial Banking Products, Ally Financial ​​


Jim Marous

Owner of The Digital Banking Report



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Jordan Bettman

Radian Capital

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Carolina Fintech Hub

Kam Chandan

Ally Financial

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Bank of America

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2020 Conference Content

payCLT Payments Panel
Evolution of the POS experience - Hear a panel of industry experts discuss how the customer journey at the POS has evolved over the years and learn how new solutions and technologies are going to change the experience going forward.
Queen City Fintech Companies - 1 minute pitches
Queen City Fintech is a 12-week accelerator program designed to mature financial technology startups through intense mentorship from leading banking executives, business development professionals, and venture capitalists and attorneys, among others in Charlotte's robust business community. Four teams from class 10 take the stage for 1 minute pitches.
Tug-of-war over data who will WIN!
There is a war over who owns and who can use your data between banks, fintechs, big tech, aggregators and end customers. What will the partnership vs aquistion model mean for data: Google/Citi/Standford CU, Visa/Plaid, Envestnet/Yodlee, Third Party Data Brokers, Amazon/Goldman, Apple/Goldman. What are the new models emerging around this?
Mergers and Consolidation: Doomsday or a Brave New World?
The last 18 months has seen some of the biggest Fintech mergers and acquisitions in history, and many believe this trend will continue throughout 2020. Have the market incumbents (banks, Networks, etc) finally found a way to partner, buy or crush emerging Fintechs? Or will the technology driven new entrants ultimately change the shape of what it means to be a bank? This session will explore the market forces that are driving these transactions and how they are changing the playing field for banks and Fintechs alike.
Not All Banks are Created Equal – The Neo Bank Advantage
The market has evolved beyond the “neobanks will eliminate traditional banking” fear and now live in a world where neobanks and legacy banks co-exist and are both launching digital only banks. This panel will explore the different approaches between the two and the advantages they each have over each other, how they co-exist, why there are differences and how they compete. We will also explore whether legacy banks should be offering digital banks and whether neobanks should be finding a niche or going for gusto!
The ROI of Financial Health
Financial health is often seen as something that is done out of "the goodness of our hearts" or because our CSR arm needs something to do. What have leading banks learned that you haven't? What if improving your customers' Financial Health actually improved your bottom line? How do you take your bank on a journey to incorporating Financial Health into it's decision making process?
Customer-first Journey for Insurtechs
This panel will focus on the evolution of customers and how they interact with insurance companies. What is a ‘customer-first’ approach? How are insurance companies improving their customer experience in whichever channel they want to engage? How are they balancing a mix of digital touch points while still leveraging their agents and traditional channels?
Insurtech Innovation of Digital Ecosystems
As digital becomes more prevalent, the question becomes how can insurance companies design a holistic digital ecosystem that covers all the touch points a customer may have with a company? What innovative solutions are out there that are working successfully for others?
Going Mainstream
A discussion of ‘large, traditional’ insurance companies and how they have partnered with an insurtech startup. How have ‘mainline’ insurance companies outside of the traditional venture world connected to an insurtech startup, and how have they brought them in and helped them go mainstream? Speaking to startups, what was their partnership with ‘traditional insurance’ companies like when they’ve been brought in? What was the process like? What are some of the best practices and lessons learned? Speaking to the Venture arm group - what advice would you give to startups that want to partner with corporations?
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