Are you an early adopter? Innovator? Interested in demonstrating your fintech expertise while you are at Fintech Generations? If so, then the Beta Fintech Practitioner Certification is for you! While you’re attending Fintech Generations’ virtual live sessions, stay engaged with the vibrant conversation by answering our quiz questions based on the relevant, need-to-know information coming from our speakers. You’ll have the chance to get involved with our virtual conference in a brand new way, provide feedback on the certification process, and ultimately earn validation for the knowledge you acquire during our event.


Quick Beta Fintech Practitioner Checklist

  1. Attend Fintech Generations presentations in Brella

  2. Join Fintech Generations on a second device in Slido

  3. Answer correctly 75% of the time!


Q: What is this innovative Beta Fintech Practitioner Certification?

  • The Beta Fintech Practitioner Certification is a validation of practical fintech knowledge acquired by attending the Fintech Generations conference


Q: Who can earn the Beta Fintech Practitioner Certification?

  • Attendees of the Fintech Generations conference who correctly answer sufficient multiple choice questions during the conference’s Keynotes, Firesides, and Panels.


Q: I’m planning to virtually join the Fintech Generations conference! How do I earn the Beta Fintech Practitioner Certification? Is there a separate registration?

  • You earn the Beta Fintech Practitioner Certification by using Slido, our interactive audience engagement tool, to correctly solve 75% of the quiz questions you answer. There is no separate registration for the Beta Fintech Practitioner Certification.


Q: I’ve never heard of Slido. What’s that?

  • Slido is a dynamic audience engagement tool that allows interactive questions, polls, and quizzes, all without downloading any apps. All you do is go to on a separate device and use the event code “#FintechGenerations”, and you’ll be ready for the certification questions.


Q: I sadly have a conflict for one of the sessions. Will I miss out on the certification?

  • No worries. You only need to answer 75% of the total questions over the two days.


Q: So I need to answer at least 75% of the questions and answer at least 75% correctly to become a certified Beta Fintech Practitioner?

  • That’s correct!


Q: What do I get to prove my certification?

  • Within one week from the end of the conference, you’ll receive an email with your certification status. If you’ve answered at least 75% of the total questions correctly 75% of the time, there will be a Beta Fintech Practitioner Certificate attached to the email.


Q: How long is my certification valid?

  • 1 year. The landscape of Fintech is evolving constantly, so you’ll be able to renew your Beta Fintech Practitioner certificate at next year’s Fintech Generations conference.


Q: Why should I care about the Beta Fintech Practitioner Certification?

  • We want you to walk away from our conference with validation of your innovative spirit and fintech prowess! Not only will you meet other fintech-focused thinkers and learn about the upcoming cutting-edge innovations, but you’ll have a certification feather in your cap for the next 365 days.


Full Beta Fintech Practitioner Certification Checklist:

1.            Register for Fintech Generations

2.            Create a Brella account and log on ready to learn on June 3rd and 4th

3.            On June 3rd and 4th, go to and enter event code “FintechGenerations”

4.            As the presentation starts, review the one to two quiz questions associated with the conversation

5.            Listen for the key tidbits that help you complete the quiz

6.            Change the drop down below the poll in from “Submit anonymously” to “Submit your full name” so we can appropriately credit your answers

7.            Submit answers to at least 75% of the total quiz questions

8.            Correctly answer 75% of the questions you submit

9.            Earn the Beta Fintech Practitioner Certification!

10.        Provide feedback on certification process via conference survey

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