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If there is a silver lining in this crisis, it may be that the virus is forcing us to use the internet as it was always meant to be used — to connect with one another, share information and resources, and come up with collective solutions to urgent problems.
- The New York Times


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Colleen McCreary


Chief People Officer, Credit Karma


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President, Consumer & Commercial Banking Products, Ally Financial ​​


Jim Marous

Owner of The Digital Banking Report



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Radian Capital

Tariq Bokhari

Carolina Fintech Hub

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Ally Financial

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2019 Conference Content

Fireside Chat with Diane Morais, CEO and President at Ally Bank
Moderator, Chris William, Managing Director, Wells Fargo Private Client Group
Queen City Fintech Companies - 1 minute pitches
Queen City Fintech is a 12-week accelerator program designed to mature financial technology startups through intense mentorship from leading banking executives, business development professionals, and venture capitalists and attorneys, among others in Charlotte's robust business community. Four teams from class 10 take the stage for 1 minute pitches.
Digital First for Financial Services: Glia Demo
Glia is a next-generation digital communications platform for companies to connect with their customers using Messaging, Video, CoBrowsing and AI.
Panel - Innovation v. Scale
Fayaz Jaffer, Innovation and Fintech Strategy at Ernst & Young
Leonard Langsdorf, CTO Digital Labs at CAPCO
David Hunkele, Head of Banking as a Service, Live Oak Bank
Moderator: Jeff Jones, COO at Zenmonics Inc.
Are Fintechs Losing Steam?
Some had predicted that banks would be significantly transformed by a wave of new financial technology players, and would be unrecognizable by 2020. On the cusp of that date, large platform providers have been reasserting their place in the development of new and integrated banking capabilities, and banks remain much the same as they were 5 years ago.
So have small, agile fintech firms begun to lose their mojo? Or are the same needs driving the industry forward but in a market where big tech firms like Apple, Google, and Amazon are going to lead?
Carolina Fintech Hub
Tariq Bokhari, Executive Director, Carolina Fintech Hub
The Carolina Fintech Hub is bringing together the entire Insurance ecosystem — carriers, brokers, reinsurers, Insurtech companies, service providers, and insurance buyers to find solutions for today.
Behavioral Science in the Wild
Presentation by Jamie Foehl, The Center for Advanced Hindsight 
Jamie Foehl is a researcher at Duke University in Dan Ariely’s lab – The Center for Advanced Hindsight (CAH). 
The Common Cents Lab at the Center for Advanced Hindsight's world-class behavioral researchers design and test solutions to increase the financial well-being for low-to moderate-income people living in US.
Jamie will be discussing how people aren't built to make good financial decisions and many strategies aren’t moving the needle.  How can we use behavioral economics and fintech to design better financial products and services?
Innovation, Payments and Talent with Dennis Gada, SVP at Infosys
Pitch Breakfast
PitchBreakfast is a safe, supportive environment where entrepreneurs go to connect, learn, and grow. We feature local founders/entrepreneurs/startups getting expert feedback on one of their most valuable assets – their pitch – in order to help get them investor-ready.
Opening Remarks
Facilitating Innovation Helps the Bureau Protect Consumers and Fulfill its statutory Mission 
Paul Watkins, Assistant Director, CFPB’s Office of Innovation
In July 2018, the Bureau created the Office of Innovation to focus on encouraging consumer-friendly innovation, which is now a key priority for the Bureau.
Fireside Chat - Fintech in Society
Theodora Lau, Founder of Unconventional Ventures 
Byl Cameron, Founder of Triquetra InfoTech, Inc.
Digital technology has altered how humans operate in society.  While it gave rise to fintech and the democratization of financial services, it's increasingly clear that we also have grounds for pause. Where the advent of digital technology was filled with optimism that humanity would move to new heights, we're now seeing a growing tendency toward invasion of privacy, censorship, manipulation of facts, amplification of biases (intended or otherwise), as well as troubling trends like the social credit system that is being instituted in China. 

This dialogue between two social commentators known for thoughtful analysis will explore how fintechs can embrace the best parts of digital technology while avoiding becoming a tool to take advantage of individuals, particularly vulnerable populations.  Can fintech remain purely an instrument for good?  What are the ethical and moral responsibilities for us, the practitioners?
Spend to Pay Panel
Peter Davey, VP of Product Innovation at The Clearing House
Scott Harkey, Head of Strategy & Payments at Levvel
Kim Sipes, Director Treasury at Duke Energy
Frank Martien, Managing Director at Accenture
Moderator: Dean Nolan, VP/Director of Merchant Services and Fintech Solutions at Fifth Third Bank
Disruptive solutions leveraging Real Time Payments (RTP)
RTP is about much more than faster payments.   Firms are using the full set of capabilities available within RTP to reinvent their business models and develop new approaches for servicing their customers.   Today’s panelists will discuss what some of these companies are doing with RTP and share insights on how these developments are positioned to disrupt industries.
Special Announcement with IBM
Melissa Sassi, Startup Program Manager at IBM
Fireside Chat with Matt Potere, CEO of Sunlight Financial
Moderator, Dan Roselli, Managing Director and Founder of Queen City Fintech
If you have never been to one of Packard Place's monthly Public House events with the now famous 'Keg Side Chat's with Dan", we've brought it to you!  Sunlight Financial has raised over 1 Billion in Venture Capital and Venture Financing in it's journey to one of Countries hot Fintech Startups.
Fireside Chat with Colleen McCreary, Chief People Officer at Credit Karma 
Moderator, Caroline Hudson  – Staff Writer, Charlotte Business Journal

Tension in hiring to keep up with the explosive growth of a fintech unicorn

In this fireside chat, Chief People Officer of Credit Karma, Colleen McCreary, will discuss the strategy and challenges with hiring and sourcing talent across during significant growth in different markets across the country, and why a $4 billion-valued company is investing in Charlotte's workforce. 

Colleen joined Credit Karma in 2018 as the company’s first Chief People Officer. Credit Karma has nearly tripled its employee headcount in the last five years, making her role critical as the company continues to scale. Colleen will focus on recruiting best-in-class talent, investing in current employees and sustaining an enriching culture that celebrates professional growth. As part of the executive team at Credit Karma, she heads talent operations, which encompasses human resources, recruiting and talent development. 
Panel - Deal or No Deal: The Finance of Fintech
Shannon Ayers, CFO of Stratifyd
Joel Wilhite, CFO of AvidXchange
Ramy Serageldin, Co-Founder and CEO at Honeyfi, Inc.
Moderator, David Jones  – General Partner at Bull City Venture Partners
As a company grows, their needs and options for financing grow along with them. Many companies struggle with knowing the right time to raise money and the pros and cons of various funding methods. Join us in a dynamic panel discussion that explores the multiple phases of company funding and how companies and investors make decisions about when and how to raise capital.

We plan to have a panelist from each stage with a mix of funds providers and companies who have received them: Seed/Angel, Series A, Venture, Private Equity 
Closing Chat
Lamont Young, EVP - Head Coach of Digital at Citizens Financial Group, Inc.
Dennis Gada, Senior Vice President at Infosys
Kristin Wallace, Finsiders Board Member
A wrap-up discussion on Fintech Generations 2019.  What did we hear, how did it challenge us?  What did we agree with or disagree with and why does it matter.  This is the 'so what' discussion and what should we all consider as follow-ups and actions coming out of Fintech Generations 2019.
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