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This year's conference theme is Journey. When we originally set this theme it was around the broad idea of fintech's emergence, successes the industry has seen and where we see the future of fintech headed. But now, with the COVID19 pandemic, the theme of Journey seems more relevant and pressing than ever. We're all navigating a new normal that is changing at a rapid pace and can sometimes feel hard to keep up with. Conversations with industry leaders around global trends, collaboration, democratization, innovative technologies that challenge the status quo and more, are essential during this time. Check out the full schedule of events below and join us on June 3 + 4!  

New This Year!! Specific to our fintech track, will be the live Slido quiz built into each of our sessions. We will be offering our attendees the opportunity to leverage what they learn from our panel sessions to become a Beta Certified Fintech Practitioner.  

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And follow along with each session, as questions are based on the panelist conversations, and there will be right and wrong answers.

2020 Schedule

Day 1 | June 3
10:00a EST | The Future of Money
Fintech Generations' global partner, MEDICI, will be hosting a fireside chat with International Fintech Leader, Henri Arslanian, to discuss the re-imagining of digital money. Widening the lens to look at fintech and money innovation beyond the U.S. and diving deep into questions like: What can we learn from Libra? Is bitcoin bad for the environment? What does the tension between Asia and the U.S. mean for fintech innovation? And more! Let's expand the lens and begin looking at how to build resiliency and stop waiting for solutions to be handed to us.  
Aditya Khurjekar, CEO & Founder of MEDICI
Henri Arslanian, Global Crypto Leader, Asia Fintech Leader and Partner at PWC
10:50a EST | U.S. & Canada Collaboration
A deep dive into how the U.S and Canada can collaborate over fintech because now, more than ever, collaboration is with emerging technologies is needed to navigate the new normal and create mutual success. How can we create positive partnerships? What synergies can be formed? What successes have we already seen and where do we go from here?
Mathieu Cardinal, Vice President, FinTech Development and Corporate Affairs at Finance Montreal
Mark McDowell, Partner at Real Ventures and Co-Founder of Acta Wireless Capital
Abb Kapoor, COO & Co-Founder of Curu
Richard Prior, Global Head of Policy & Research at FDATA Global
11:40a EST | Capgemini World Fintech Report
Capgemini will be presenting their world-renowned, annual World Fintech Report. Sharing some of their findings on fintech collaboration and the new opportunities available to traditional banks. 
Sankar Krishnan, EVP for Banking & Capital Markets at Capgemini 
12:25p EST | Networking Break Powered by Brella
1:00p EST | Innovation Partner Award
Join us as Jitin Eidnani, VP & Managing Partner of Retail Banking Practice at Cognizant, receives Queen City Fintech's  first-ever Innovation Partner Award for his outstanding dedication and contribution to fintech startups in the Charlotte community
1:20p EST | Democratization in the Age of Coronavirus: It's More Important Now Than Ever 
A fireside chat featuring:
Brian Dally, Co-Founder & CEO of GROUNDFLOOR 
Nat Clarkson, Managing Partner at CFV Ventures.
2:05p EST | Challenging the Status Quo with Blockchain
A fireside chat featuring:
Mike Cagney, Founder of Figure
Dan Roselli, Co-Founder & Managing Director of RevTech Labs
2:55p EST | Not All Banks are Created Equal - The Neo Bank Advantage 
The market has evolved beyond the “neobanks will eliminate traditional banking” fear and now live in a world where neobanks and legacy banks co-exist and are both launching digital only banks. This panel will explore the different approaches between the two and the advantages they each have over each other, how they co-exist, why there are differences and how they compete. We will also explore whether legacy banks should be offering digital banks and whether neobanks should be finding a niche or going for gusto! 
Greg Lloyd, Senior Director - Financial Services & Payments Practice at Levvel
Deep Varma, Chief Tech Officer at Varo Bank
Ken Meyer, Chief Information Officer - Digital Channels & Innovation at Truist
3:40p EST | Networking Break Powered by Brella
4:00p EST | Demo Day
Meet QC Fintech's class 12 cohort with a series of 6-minute pitches from each Founder.  As well as a few of ATDC's Incubator Companies. We'll also be awarding QC Fintech's Top Mentors during this session! 
Day 2 | June 4
9:00a EST | Leadership in Times of Crisis
A fireside chat featuring:
Gen. Ray Odierno, U.S. Army (Ret.), Chief of Staff, U.S. Army (2011–2015); Senior Advisor, JPMorgan Chase
Caroline Hudson, Reporter at Charlotte Business Journal 
9:45a EST | The ROI of Financial Health
Financial health is often seen as something that is done out of "the goodness of our hearts" or because our CSR arm needs something to do. What have leading banks learned that you haven't? What if improving your customers' Financial Health actually improved your bottom line? How do you take your bank on a journey to incorporating Financial Health into it's decision making process?
Ron Shevlin, Director of Research at Cornerstone Advisors
Eduardo Queen, Head of Financial Health at Wells Fargo 
Mohamed Khalil, General Manager - Financial Wellbeing at Commonwealth Bank
Wendy De La Rosa, Co-Founder of Common Cents Lab
10:25a EST | Tug of War Over Data - Who Will Win? 

There is a war over who owns and who can use your data between banks, fintechs, big tech, aggregators and end customers. What will the partnership vs acquisition model mean for data: Google/Citi/Standford CU, Visa/Plaid, Envestnet/Yodlee, Third Party Data Brokers, Amazon/Goldman, Apple/Goldman. What are the new models emerging around this?

Scott Harkey, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Payments at Levvel
Andrew Reiskind, SVP Data Strategy at Mastercard
Daniel Kahn, Business Development at Plaid
Suzanne Galvn, SVP, Open Banking and API Products at U.S. Bank
11:15a EST | Mergers and Consolidation: Doomsday or A Brave New World? 

The last 18 months has seen some of the biggest Fintech mergers and acquisitions in history, and many believe this trend will continue throughout 2020. Have the market incumbents (banks, Networks, etc) finally found a way to partner, buy or crush emerging Fintechs? Or will the technology driven new entrants ultimately change the shape of what it means to be a bank? This session will explore the market forces that are driving these transactions and how they are changing the playing field for banks and Fintechs alike.

Aubrey Hawes, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Oracle
Allyson Laurance, SVP of Global Strategic Partnerships & Investments at Citi
Tim Chiodo, Lead Analyst: Payments, Processors & Fintech at Credit Suisse
Jeff Cain, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Envestnet | Yodlee
1:00p EST | payCLT Payments

Evolution of the POS experience - Hear a panel of industry experts discuss how the customer journey at the POS has evolved over the years and learn how new solutions and technologies are going to change the experience going forward.

Dean Nolan, Senior Director Enterprise Payments at Fifth Third Bank
Pete Bertanzetti, Senior Manager of Payments Strategy at Accenture
Andy Meadows, General Manager & Head of Partnership Management at Worldpay
Tim Griffin, Founder & CEO of Cloosiv
10:25a EST | Customer-First Journey for Insurtechs

This panel will focus on the evolution of customers and how they interact with insurance companies. What is a ‘customer-first’ approach? How are insurance companies improving their customer experience in whichever channel they want to engage? How are they balancing a mix of digital touch points while still leveraging their agents and traditional channels?

Davina Demelenne, Manager at Sia Partners
Ilya Bodner, Founder of Bold Penguin
Josh Levine, CEO & Founder at Cake & Arrow
Kes Sampanthar, Managing Director at KPMG Innovation Labs
Tacha Gregory, Technology Director at State Farm
11:15a EST | Insurtech Innovation of Digital Ecosystems

As digital becomes more prevalent, the question becomes how can insurance companies design a holistic digital ecosystem that covers all the touch points a customer may have with a company? What innovative solutions are out there that are working successfully for others?

Dana Enger, Fintech Insurtech Scouting Manager at State Farm
Evangelos Avramakis, Head Digital Ecosystems R&D at Swiss Re
Andrea Abderhalden, Senior Manager at AllState Roadside - Technology
Bethany Harrington, Senior Digital & Analytics Executive at American Family
1:00p EST | Going Mainstream 

This fireside chat focuses on a discussion of ‘large, traditional’ insurance companies and how they have partnered with an insurtech startup. How have ‘mainline’ insurance companies outside of the traditional venture world connected to an insurtech startup, and how have they brought them in and helped them go mainstream? Speaking to startups, what was their partnership with ‘traditional insurance’ companies like when they’ve been brought in? What was the process like? What are some of the best practices and lessons learned? Speaking to the Venture arm group - what advice would you give to startups that want to partner with corporations?

Jay D'Aprile, Executive Search Consultant at Slayton Search Partners
Lori Brissette, Senior Vice President, Client Advocacy and President, Northwestern Mutual Investment Services at Northwestern Mutual
Adrian Jones, TitleDeputy CEO of P&C Partners in charge of Ventures & Strategic Partnerships at Scor
12:00p EST | Networking Break Powered by Brella
1:50p EST | Exploring the Global Mandate for Open Finance  

The world’s digital ecosystem is accelerating at a rapid pace. The framework through which we can understand this new world is open finance - or the secure and reliable access to financial data, from debt to investments to payroll to utilities. Consumers no longer live their financial lives in a compartmentalized, two-dimensional fashion; dynamic and innovative tools have since entered the marketplace that enable new ways to manage finances from the convenience of a mobile phone. It’s not just limited to individual consumers; small businesses shouldn’t be limited to their internal financial data picture across payroll, benefits, income and expenditures simply because they are reliant on third parties to provide them with that information - in some cases, at a cost.

COVID-19 and the accompanying economic crisis has only spurred reliance on new types of digital financial tools - for example, we saw a 72% increase in fintech use since the outbreak began. The industry transformation many predicted would happen over years occurred over a few weeks.

When Open Banking was rolled out post-2008 financial crisis, the world adopted standards and framework differently across geo’s, leading to disruptions, complications and uneven experiences. The opportunity of Open Finance lies in a global approach to protect the flow of financial information to support the industry’s digital transformation. 

John Pitts, Head of Policy at Plaid
Jenny Surane, Finance Reporter at Bloomberg News
2:40p EST | Post COVID19 Funding

COVID19 has dramatically shifted how we work and do business, and has left us with a lot of questions. Here from venture capitalists directly on where they see the status of venture funding for startups headed. They’ll discuss the challenges as funding dollars, funding rounds, and private company valuations see a decline, and covering questions like: How badly has cashflow been affected? What metrics are important to pay attention to now? How do startups pivot to strengthen and redefine their business model in this dramatic new normal?  

Raazi Imam, Partner at Sia Partners
Sherman Li, Partner at SoftBank Ventures Asia
Corey Schieler, Director, Venture Capital at State Farm
Ken Gacevich, Venture Partner at CFV Ventures 
3:40p EST | Closing Ceremony & Virtual Happy Hour

Charlotte, NC | info@qcfintech.co

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